Reach or Relevance

Much of the recent talk in the industry has been about the pivot to reader revenue and a doubling down on subscription strategies. But is there still a need to build big audiences to bring in advertising money? And is there a relevant + scale approach that can do both?

Nic Newman of Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism on reach or relevance for publishers

Nic Newman, the Senior Research Fellow, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford University, was part of the PPA Decodes Reach or Relevance breakfast briefing on March 16th 2022.

Nic is lead author of the annual Digital News Report, the world’s largest on-going study of consumer behaviour around news. He authors an influential annual report on media and technology trends and has published recent research on trust, paying for news, video, podcasts, and the rise of voice technologies.

Previously, Nic was a founding member of the BBC News Website in 1997 and former Head of Product at BBC News. Before that Nic spent 15 years as a senior radio reporter, presenter and editor with the BBC.

Here he tells us what publishers should be considering when deciding whether to focus on reach or relevance in their audience and commercial strategies.

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