Data: Behind the Headlines

10 February 2022
Zoom Webinar

In this session Magda Woods, data leader and tech entrepreneur, will go behind the headlines and bust broadly spread myths about data and data technology.

This webinar, free to all to attend, will cover:

  • The cookie apocalypse and how it might benefit publishers.
  • The notion that every organization is well ahead in delivering their products using AI, and when could it be a part of the sales pitch.
  • Who lies about audience size and why is it so hard to make it consistent?
  • How much does it take to extract value from data?
  • Robots replacing journalists.
  • Is fake news our problem?

Join us, if you are a senior professional looking after marketing, product, sales or editorial teams who are looking to capitalise on the actual opportunities coming from data.

This webinar is free for all to attend.


Magda Woods // And the robots
Magda Woods
CEO and Founder
And the robots

Magda Woods is a founder of And the robots, an AI consultancy. She is also a member of a data science committee for the Royal Statistical Society in London. She is a former MD for Data at GlobalData Media and previously managed multi-million investments in AI technologies transforming large scale newsrooms across public and private sectors (BBC, The Telegraph, Channel 4 and most recently New Statesman). She has also built her own AI first start-up, Waive. She is an engineer and computer scientist from trade and most recently graduated executive MBA at the Bayes Business School.