Decoding the world of digital publishing

The PPA hosted a series of events focussed on big topics which often split opinion in the industry and we invited you to be part of the debate. 

The digital publishing ecosystem can be a confusing place and it's sometimes difficult to know whether you should be prioritising your DMP over your CMP or PMP.

With different – and sometimes totally contradictory – advice on which direction to take, it is no wonder that often things feel rather opaque.

This is where the PPA Decodes series proved invaluable: helping the publishing industry to stay on top of the latest digital thinking by hearing from experts in their field. 

For those who missed the live events, the post-event video content and write-ups are available on demand - simply click on the buttons below linking to each event.

Build or Buy
9 February 2022
Past Event

It’s a debate as long as digital publishing has existed: should publishers build their own tech or buy it in from partners? We’ll explore the arguments on both sides and help you navigate the various options out there should you choose to go down the buy route.

Data: Behind the Headlines

10 February 2022
Past Event

In this session Magda Woods, data leader and tech entrepreneur, will go behind the headlines and bust broadly spread myths about data and data technology. Areas covered will include: the cookie apocalypse, AI, robots replacing journalists, fake news, and extracting value from data.

Paid or Organic
23 February 2022

Does relying on acquiring audience through organic channels such as search or social deliver publishers with engaged audiences? Or is there a need to spend money to reach new audiences and build your brand? And how important are newsletters and events in the mix?

Reach or Relevance
16 March 2022

Much of the recent talk in the industry has been about the pivot to reader revenue and a doubling down on subscription strategies. But is there still a need to build big audiences to bring in advertising money? And is there a relevant + scale approach that can do both?

Platforms + Publishers

30 March 2022

How could publishers and platforms work together more effectively? And how might they jointly come up with innovative solutions to industry challenges? How important is it to have ownership over first party data versus generating reach or revenue through partnerships with the platforms?

Data Masterclass Series

Join us at our upcoming data masterclass series where Magda Woods, CEO and Founder of 'And the robots' will discuss how to approach structuring data and AI investment based on your business model.

Cost: £75 + VAT for PPA members, or £150 + VAT for non-members. The price covers attendance at BOTH masterclasses.